DaylightGuide 12825WLEDX1

LED DaylightGuide DRL

Exclusive design signature, maximum visibility

12825 LED DaylightGuide Sales Kit for harmonization with the new European directive

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Exclusive design signature, maximum visibility

New generation high-power LUXEON® LED
Ultra-wide beam
Simple-click installation
Homologated Lightguide technology: uniform diffusion
Gravel-impact resistant, high-quality aluminum housing, water resistant
Stays on day and night (dimmed)

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) increase vehicle's visibility for safer driving. They are compliant with existing DRL regulation and will be a mandatory function on all new car models from 2011. Many European and Scandinavian countries have already implemented compulsory Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and experienced significant accident reduction.

Philips have set a new standard in LED DRL offering a powerful long lasting and stylish solution for easy-to-install retrofitting to current car models.