LED Penlight Inspection Lamp LPL02B6LPB1

The LED Penlight inspection lamp is compact and easy to operate in confined spaces.

Seven high-performance, long-lasting LEDs produce a powerful light where needed the most.


GOC 38324931

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The integrated LED pointer allows for precise laser-like illumination whenever necessary.

  • 7 powerful, high-quality, long-lasting LEDs
  • White and very intense light (10 000 K)
  • Light intensity at 0.5 m: LED pointer 85 lux / Main light 250 lux
  • LED pointer on top: 85 Lux at 0.5 meters
  • Ingress protection rating - IP54
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • 3 Philips AAA batteries included
  • Up to 11 hours operation time

The LED Penlight inspection lamp is compact and fits easily in a shirt pocket.