Rechargable LED inspection lamp 22001UVX1

22001 Rechargable LED with docking station

15 high-powered LEDs produce 1200 lux of natural bright white light. A rechargeable battery allows cordless use. The additional UV-light can, for example, detect leaks in air conditioning systems. A handy magnetic holder helps to project the light wherever necessary.

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• 15 powerful, high-quality, long-lasting LEDs

• Natural, very intense light (7 000 K)

• 1 200 lux at 0.5 meters

• UV-A pointer

• Ingress protection rating - IP66

• Impact protection rating - IK09

• Solvent and chemical resistant

• Retractable hook

• Clip-on magnetic holder

• Rechargeable via docking station

• Up to 6 hours operation time

The rechargeable LED Inspection lamp with docking station provides powerful light and the versatility of cordless use.