White Vision Ultra H4 SM 12342WVUSM

12342 White Vision Ultra H4 SM

EAN 8727900354904 GOC 35490428

Sharp irresistible look.

The latest stylish white lights for your car

Philips WhiteVision ultra H4, featuring the latest coating formula, delivers a stunning 4200 Kelvin. These are the whitest road-legal halogen lights in our portfolio and the perfect choice if you're looking for a cool, stylish look.

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White stylish look with up to 4200 Kelvin •

Up to 4200 Kelvin sharp white light • Halogen upgrade headlights that offer a highly stylish look Road-legal performance • Stunning white road-legal headlights for a stylish look Enhanced safety • Our whitest bulbs for stylish performance on the road • Don't compromise on safety, change in pairs Philips quality • Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers Comfort with up to 60% more vision • White light to enhance visibility and comfort • Up to 60% more vision to maximise clarity