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Car Lighting

Philips Automotive is the #1 car lighting company in the world. The Philips Automotive range goes beyond superior...



  • X-tremeVision Lamps

    Maximum performance, maximum visibility

  • BlueVision ultra Lamps

    Xenon ultimate effect

  • CrystalVision Lamps

    Bright white light with a color temperature of 4300 K. For those who need a better visibility, CrystalVision provides more white light. 2011-2012 Catalogue

  • DiamondVision Lamps

    Ultimate white light with a color temperature of 5000 K. DiamondVision creates a distinctively different look for your car. 2011-2012 Catalogue

  • WhiteVision Lamps

    The new Philips WhiteVision halogen headlamp delivers an intense, white light with up to 4300 K color temperature, 40% whiter light for ultimate style, and 60% more light* on the road for increased visibility and maximum safety. WhiteVision is R37 certified WhiteVision is a fully homologated, road-legal, powerful white light headlamp created by Philips, renowned for the most innovative and technologically advanced automotive lighting solutions for the past 100 years. Its high-quality lighting products make Philips the choice of all major car manufacturers worldwide. WhiteVision is available in: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3, HB4 Add a unique stylish effect in your healdlights Philips exclusive coating technology™ and the stylish blue cap, produce 4100K white light (+20% whiter beam*) on the road as well as the coolest bluish effect in the headlight. For those wishing to add that little extra something to their car, WhiteVision makes it stand out from the crowd. Better visibility on the road with 40% more white light WhiteVision offers 40% more light* on the road for better visibility and more safety while you drive thanks to the new high-performance burner and UV-quartz glass**. This powerful whiter light of 4100K enhances contrast and helps distinguish objects ahead for faster reaction time.

  • RacingVision +150% Lamp

    RacingVision Lamps

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