RacingVision H4 12342RVS2 Lamp

12342RVS2 H4 Racing Vision + 150%

Set 2pcs H4

EAN:8719018000200 GOC:00020028

Maybe the strongest legal halogen bulb ever built Take your lights and your driving to the limit Philips RacingVision car bulbs are the perfect choice for passionate drivers. With an incredible performance of up to 150% more brightness, you'll be able to react faster for a safer, more exciting driving experience

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Increased performance for more fun • See further and react faster with up to 150% more brightness • One of the brightest bulbs for excellent light performance The road-legal rally bulb • Brighter light for sporting drivers • Brighter lights mean no surprises and enhanced control • Improved light contrast for a safer, more exciting drive • Respecting the high quality standards of ECE homologation Optimised for winter light conditions • Strong road-legal headlights for darker conditions

200h Life Time

*Compared to a standard lamp